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5German War39

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AvalonSF Changelog (Last 14 days)

  • [1.0.1] Improved witch action
    (Need to unlock scrolls, not all unlocked by default)
  • [1.0.2] Added the ability to get an item with a rune in the shop
    (if we have 1000 + runes)
  • [1.0.3] Fixed underworld ranking
    (If we don't have unlocked underworld, it chooses position number 1 by default)
  • [1.0.4] Fixed player ranking (Displaying all players)
  • [1.0.5] Added a merchant to the arena manager along with his bonuses
    (Speed, money and hourglass)
  • [1.0.6] Fixed the prices for unlocking positions (e.g. x100 costed as much as x1)
  • [1.0.7] Improved operation of the 'MAX' button in the arena manager

Top 5 players

# Name Level
1samaras 999
2Eupiratz G 1101
3Dasedral 397
4Dipibix Lu 364
5Terox 354

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2021-02-28 15:38:54

The server started:
1 month 1 week 1 day ago